Tools & Tips

Organizational Readiness
This organizational readiness checklist helps determine how accessible and inclusive companies/ organizations are for people with disabilities.

Words of Dignity
This list provides a general reference when talking about people with disabilities. Please use it ONLY as a guide as every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Basic Guidelines
This document outlines several points when interacting with people with disabilities. Please keep in mind to use it only as a guide as people with disabilities are individuals first.

Accessibility Checklist for Workplaces
Here is a basic checklist for employers and employees to review to ensure that their workplace is accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

Chart of Job Accommodations
Some people with disabilities may require accommodations so they can perform their job requirements successfully. This list provides a sample of accommodations that are available. It may take time between the individual and their manager to explore whether a job accommodation is needed and what type will work best for him/ her.