Welcome to AIM


The goal of AIM is to reframe disability and focus on the ability of all individuals.  We strive to facilitate a perceptual shift allowing employers to see the value in attracting, hiring, retaining and promoting individuals with disabilities.

AIM is creating a sustainable learning and development framework to meet the needs of the business community.  We have partnered with leaders in the business community, dynamic service providers and most importantly numerous individuals with disabilities to provide knowledge to employers.

The AIM concept was created in response to a need from employers in Metro Vancouver to obtain support and enhance organizational capacity to include persons with disabilities in the workplace. It is a program of the BC Centre for Ability, an organization that has been providing services to persons with disabilities for over 40 years.

The AIM Advantage

  • Learning to spot ability in every job applicant
  • Accessing an untapped talent pool
  • Expanding your customer base through disability competence
  • Developing an inclusive workplace free of barriers
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce
  • Boosting business profile by fostering an inclusive corporate culture
  • Partnering with a committed group of business leaders


  • Consultation on the best inclusive hiring practices
  • Innovative and Flexible Employee Learning and Development Options
  • Centralized Access to Comprehensive Resources on Disability
  • Collective Learning & Information Sharing Opportunities
  • Affiliation with a Community of Best Practice